According to an article published on a well-known news media site, The Hindu, the attention span of humans is less than that of a goldfish, approximately 8 seconds.

Can you imagine? We’re literally fighting a war for attention.

Believe it or not, copywriting is like armor for your business in this war. Wait…wait…what’s copywriting? I hear you ask.

Copywriting is salesmanship in writing. It is the art of persuading someone to take some action with the help of written words. And you see copywriting examples every day of your life – all the textual information on TV ads, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, Sales Letters, and even YouTube ads!

Content Europa’s copywriting services include:

  • writing website content (web pages),
  • ad copy,
  • YouTube scripts,
  • emails,
  • product descriptions,
  • landing pages.

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